Laura Wainer is SF Web Fest Founder and Executive Director. Inspired from attending film and web series festivals all over the world, Laura decided to create San Francisco’s premiere web series festival to bring together resources, creativity and business. Laura has produced award winning web series and short films, implemented and managed successful events and has a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management.  Her latest production, SanFranLand, a comedic web series has won multiple awards and has been screened at festivals including Raindance, Broad Humor and Austin Web Fest. Laura is a co-creator and founder of MissMottMedia, SFL’s production company, which was formed in 2011. She produced an award winning short film, Real Men Go Hunting, which screened in Cannes Shorts Cinema, as well as The Farms, and At The Bookstore, which aired on KRON4. Growing up as a performer, Laura agrees with her family and friends that her true talents are behind the scenes.


SFWF_facebookSFWF_twitterUpdated Bio:  Serena Shulman is the writer, director, and executive producer of the award-winning short film, The Ten Plagues, presented by LipShtick Pictures.  She is currently in post-production on the web series, NEXT, which she also wrote and directed, featuring a female-led Silicon Valley startup on a retreat where they must give up all of their mobile phones, tablets, laptops… and must survive the week left to their own devices (2015 release).  Serena is also the writer of Mr. Chandu, an Indian character most similar to Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean, and his hilariously non-verbal and culturally awkward exploits in suburban California, whose pilot premieres this spring (2015 release).
Off set, she is a member of Bay Area Women in Film + Media and is the Program Manager of the SF Web Fest.  Serena also coaches creative writing with 826 Valencia and with the Young Storytellers Foundation’s inaugural screenwriting program in San Francisco.  The Young Storytellers program culminates with the Big Show, a staging of the fifth graders’ scripts, performed by local Bay Area actors and improv comedians.



Stuart Thomas


Stuart Thomas studied theater at Glasgow University and screenwriting at the Academy of Art University. An award-winning playwright, he has written over 50 plays that have successfully toured his native United Kingdom to great acclaim, the most recent being the hugely successful ‘The Real Hoosewives Fae Glasgow’ for the Pavilion Theater. He has also written for television (including a stint with the BBC) and is the author of several graphic novels. His short films include ‘Raymond’ (directed by fellow MPT alumni Mark V. Reyes) which played at film festivals internationally in 2012, and ‘The Cause’ (directed by Marco De Luca) which was part of the Cannes Film Festival, 2014. His debut feature, ‘Bar America’ (co-written with fellow AAU instructor, Matthew Jacobs, who also directed) has been selected for several festivals this year, and will be released in 2015. He has various film projects in development with several companies including Singer Films and Galeforce Films, and his new play ‘Eat Pray Love Handles’ will tour in 2015..


Nancy has worked for more than 25 years in live action, animated, online and on-air  digitally created in multiple formats with a worldwide audience in mind. Nancy is one of the original co-founders and first employee of ZDTV, (later known as TechTV), the first 24/7 cable television network dedicated to technology. As Vice President of International Programming and Production, she oversaw the network’s creative team, launch, programming content and distribution which covered 70 countries and regions. As the Vice President of On-Air Promotions and Virtual Media, she created the award-winning Creative Services Promotions team as well as the first Virtual Media Department in cable history. Nancy was the Creative Director for “The Site”, MSNBC’s premier primetime technology series. A long-term Producer-Director/ Writer, Nancy developed “The Know Zone” and “Cyberlife” for The Discovery Channel, the groundbreaking animated “Poetry in Motion” series for Nickelodeon and hundreds of hundreds of news, commercial and marketing presentations for the NBC and CBS affiliates in San Francisco. Her documentaries received special screenings in the U.S. Congress and on PBS. She helped develop an online web series sponsored by Toyota, broadcast on Comcast On Demand and downloaded globally onto cellular phones.


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Michael D. Jones was born and raised in the Bay Area.  In 1991 moved to Los Angeles where he was hired as Location Manager, 2nd AD, Production Coordinator, and eventually as the Host Live Producer for the hit television series “Unsolved Mysteries”.  Since then he has been involved with such projects as “Behind the Mask”, “Spiral”, “Bigger than the Sky”, “Management”, “Harvest of Fear” and the award winning film “Elephant”, directed by Gus VanSant. Michael started a production company and Silver Heart’s second production, a short film entitled, “Fantasy Unlimited” won four awards including Best Film for the 48hour Film Project 2005 – Portland, and was officially screened at the 2006 Cinequest Film Festival. In 2010 and after working the final two seasons of Extreme Makeover:Home Edition, Michael moved back to the Bay Area where he continues to work freelance as a Line Producer/UPM, he is a board member of the SF DGA. Michael most recently Line Produced the Indie darling, SISTER, INTRUDER, and the reboot of CABIN FEVER.


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Carolyn Eidson is the chief filmmaker at Splashy Films based in San Francisco. She began her filmmaking experience through the creation of a web series Fifi & Fanny Friday Films, written and Co-starring Carolyn as Fifi. She was appraoched to direct and edit a music video of the Sony Motion Pictures, Ben E. King song “Stand by Me” sung by the Singers of the Street, a homeless choir in San Francisco. The Music video premiered at the Royal Opera House for the 2012 London Olympics.  Carolyn features excerpts of the video on her Best Documentary award winning film about the choir called S.O.S. Currently Carolyn is working on motion graphic designs and special effects for Travel and Discovery Channel’s television content producer of Indigo Films.  In addition to freelancing, Carolyn and Splashy Films produces short films both personal and commercial and enjoys collaborating with Sixty-Six Films in the annual SF 48 hour film festival.  Carolyn also still performs live musical comedy with Fifi & Fanny and has just finished writing a walking guidebook for San Francisco.


SFWF_linkedin SFWF_facebookSFWF_twitterA California native, Alice Wertz is a messaging and media specialist focused on reaching audiences to achieve corporate branding and viral marketing.  Ms. Wertz is a sales, communication and PR/marketing specialist currently engaged in independent consulting for various agencies and districts throughout California. Over 12 years experience as senior executive leader in adult and higher education sales, marketing and partner management as well as a producer of business intelligence initiatives that involve both internal and external messaging. Alice has extensive experience in developing strategic project management, communications and public relations including interviewing/obtaining feedback from stakeholders, developing messages, reviewing and editing messages, and facilitating multi-channel distribution. She holds knowledge of all aspects of communications, including strategic planning for multiple media venues and audiences, requirements and technical aspects of various outlets, and identifying most appropriate and effective applications. Proficient in social media campaigns and landscape for maximizing messaging and audience engagement. Wertz worked for KTVU – Fox 2 as an assignment editor, freelance reporter and producer; MSNBC’s ‘The Site,’ and ZDTV as producer, reporter, and anchor in the News division. A graduate of SFSU, with Ms. Wertz holds a degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts.


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Maya is a transmedia producer and emerging technology aficionado who applies the power of transmedia to world-changing ideas. She brings a wealth of experience from different media silos: visual effects, film, production, gaming, startups, product management and brand narrative. She has worked with big feature films and on game cinematics such as “Ghostbusters” and “Star-Trek online” for companies such as Ubisoft, EA, Vivendi and Activision. She has also worked in product development for companies such as the Chopra Center, Harpo Productions and Current projects include: Transmedia SF – An agency and a movement. She is a co-founder of the agency and the transmedia producer for their first interactive documentary Madame Mars – woman and the quest for other worlds. MYTHAPHI – a media production and distribution platform for the socially conscious human looking for emerging culture and technology. Keyframe-Entertainment – where she is creating a thriving media and business ecosystem for the whole Transformational culture. Dark Prophet – A sci-fi franchise telling the story of a math genius and DJ who finds hidden messages in music.