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It is the story of four friends in their early 20’s taking a vacation at a family cottage and discovering secrets they are holding and redefining who they are and what they mean to each other.

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What are the milestones in a relationship? The first time your eyes lock across a room? The first “hello”? The first kiss? As many as one in five relationships in the UK now start online and in an industry with an ever-increasing user base internet dating is changing the key moments in a relationship. How To Be Gay is not another whimsical comment on dating websites, instead it explores the enchanting turning point in Internet relationships – the first meeting. Leading up to the first real date, How To Be Gay profiles the lives and backgrounds of its two male leads, James and Steven, showcasing the oddities and idiosyncrasies of such an unlikely pair. There is no denying that How To Be Gay is a true contemporary tale of the heart – culminating in the date itself and a titillating epilogue, How To Be Gay will take you on a journey that is lighthearted, heart wrenching and heart warming.

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Il Solito Sesso


“Il Solito Sesso” focuses on the events of the young Michele, which thanks to the help of his three friends, Rachele,Salvo and Ivano will try to discover why his girlfriend, Giulia left him and got him beaten up by her father. In the end, we will discover that one of his friends, driven by love, betrayed him.

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A comedy web series about a Manhattan support group for people who can’t get dates. Bryce, Daisy, Martin and Jane are four friends whose love lives aren’t just unlucky, they’re disastrous. But all that is about to change. With the help of support group guru Janice, they’ve vowed to turn things around. Even if it kills them.

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