“Creative Sound Design For The Web”

Glenn Kiser, Director of the Dolby Institute and former Vice President & General Manager at Skywalker Sound — and Sound Designer Steven Cahill, share their trade secrets and methods of creating compelling story-driven soundscapes for Digital Media. Dolby’s recent collaboration on VIDEO GAME HIGH SCHOOL season 3 with Rocket Jump Studios, director Freddy Wong, and Cahill’s LA-based Sticky Notes resulted in a MPSE Golden Reel nomination for Computer Episodic Content and has also amassed an impressive 20 million views to date. Kiser and Cahill bring you techniques and a few good stories from the front lines of their collected experience in the worlds of Music, Production and Post Production and will discuss not only VGHS and selected other web content,  but offer ideas on bringing big budget blockbuster sound treatment to the world of Web content though smart and creative use of storytelling in sound.


Bernie Su Presents “Storytelling on the Web”

Whether it’s branded, adapted, or original web series, Bernie has done them all. Come watch as he walks through the production and story design for his award winning series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and Emma Approved, as well as give a preview for his upcoming Vanity web series, the first original series from StyleHaul designed exclusively for Maybelline.


“Passive to Passion: Growing a Dedicated YouTube Community for your Web Series”

Most of us know the frustration of creating a web series only to have our mom and a few cousins watch it. We’re thankful for them, but let’s be honest: the series was supposed to experience a floodgate of viewership, not a slow drip that dries up way too quickly. You know the audience is out there, but where are they and how do you reach them? In this session Tim Schmoyer will reveal how community development works on YouTube and how to convert those viewers into a passionate fan base.

“Developing Entrepreneurial Packages for Original Digital Video”

Filmmaking and success is a package deal! Hear advice on digital production and developing content, monetize your exposure and draw web traffic, develop your brand and capitalize on the originality of your product.

  • Zach Blume, Partner and Managing Director, (Portal A)
  • Jennifer Schumacher, Senior Manager of Social Media, (Tivo)
  • Jason Lopatecki, CSO, (TubeMogul)
  • Simone Nelson, Producer, Moderator

“Building Creative Brands on Digital Platforms”

Branded content is the merger between advertising and entertainment. From product placement to outright sponsorship, marketers are increasingly looking to combine experiences and engage audiences and consumers in dynamic ways. Come learn about what it means to brand your web series and why branding matters in the digital age.

  • Rob Sandie, Co-Founder/CEO VidIQ
  • Luke Simmons, Creative Director at Electus Digital/CollegeHumor
  • Yuri Baranovskyo, Founder – Happy Little Guillotine Studios (or HLG Studios)
  • Rafi Mamalian, CRO/ theAmplify (moderator)

“The Evolving Challenge of Digital Media Distribution”

In the Internet Age, media distribution is evolving rapidly and can be achieved in many different ways (ie. DIY, licensing agencies, direct acquisition). Learn from top distribution executives about the various means of connecting your original content with established online audiences.

  • David Divona, Producing Partner, (Proven Entertainment)
  • Rose Viggiano, Manager of Research and Development, (Indigo Films)
  • Carter Mason, Co-Founder/CEO, (JTS.TV – Just The Story)
  • Jack Spilberg, Director, Business Development & Marketing JUXT (moderator)

“The Science of Distributing Digital Video Content and Building New Media Campaigns”

Learn best practices for creating video built for the web. What works, what are the options, who is watching, when and where?

  • Jessica Schiffman, Senior Stratrgist (Portal A)
  • Tom Hanc, Audience Development / Engagement  (AJ+)
  • Rachel Allen, Campaign Strategist for Technology, Design and Hardware (Indiegogo)
  • Linda Kruse, Producer (moderator)

“Transforming Journalism into Web-based Storytelling”

Hear from innovators in digital media who are pushing the boundaries of online storytelling and creating a more dynamic user experience.

  • Sarah Granger, Digital Media Innovator and Author
  • Carrie Ching, Series Producer for Vice News
  • Michael Shagoury, Executive Producer / Editorial (AJ+)
  • David Spark, Spark Media Solutions (moderator)